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Mi Teleférico achieves new passenger record

The 200 millionth cable car user of the largest urban cable car network in La Paz, Bolivia was awarded in early April 2019 by the cable car operator "Mi Teleférico". An important milestone for the development of the transport sector in La Paz. Five years ago, it was unimaginable to float above the rooftops of its own city and reach the desired destination in time.

Nowadays, the cable car smoothly glides above the busy, winding and hazardous main street from El Alto to La Paz. One of the safest means of transport, it quickly connects the two biggest cities of the department of La Paz whilst fostering a socio-economic exchange. The operation of the system is automated and has proved to be very reliable. In addition to the success story of the passenger-record, also the development towards an integrated transport system must be highlighted. In this sense, Mi Teleférico strives to sustainably expand the city with an integrated transport system (Sistema integrado de Transporte, SIT). Accessibility, intermodality and the integration of different transport modes represent some of the system advantages. As an example, different bus operators are being integrated to the cable car network. The developments are ongoing. The success story will certainly celebrate further milestones.

 Reportér: Ram-Brand
Kategorie: Ropeway world news
Datum: 21.4.2019 17:58:36