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At Knowledge & Technology we explain to you the technics of a ropeway. It is also possible for you to support us by entering new lifts which are missing in our database. Esle you can add missing data, upload photos or videos. To do so, you need to register at My Lift-World and afterwards sign in.

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Lift-World News
Lift World 3 is born!  (04/01/2015 20:00:00)
Here is Lift-World 3. It's not finished yet. Since 2009 I worked on it, if I had the time.
Ropeway world news
Ropeway with sparkling Crystal Rocks  (23/04/2018 20:23:35)
The cabins of the new 3S gondola lift by LEITNER ropeways in Zermatt are decorated with Swarovski® crystals
Lifts under construction and projects
Major quality boost in the St. Johann ski resort  (03/12/2017 21:17:54)
LEITNER ropeways maximizes family-friendliness for the Tyrolean winter sports venue.
Ropeway incidents
Cable cars to top Bogota tourist attraction lose brakes: at least 25 injured  (29/12/2018 09:51:09)
Bogota (CO). At least 25 tourists were injured on Monday, the 12/24/2018, when the brakes of a cable car to Bogota‘s Monserrate church malfunctioned and one two cabins crashed into  ....

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