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Welcome to Lift-World. With this internet page we want to inform you about the world of ropeways.

In our database you find technical data, photos and videos of ropeways worldwide. You can either navigate with the world map or using the search function.

At Knowledge & Technology we explain to you the technics of a ropeway. It is also possible for you to support us by entering new lifts which are missing in our database. Esle you can add missing data, upload photos or videos. To do so, you need to register at My Lift-World and afterwards sign in.


Lift-World News

Constructions 2019 in the database!  (21/06/20 09:16:13)
Based on the reference lists of the lift building companies we inserted the newly constructed ropeways of 2019 in our database.You miss a lift? Log-in and insert  ....
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Ropeway world news

German Innovation Award for Zermatt 3S cabins  (30/05/19 06:03:12)
By building the world’s highest 3S gondola lift ‘Matterhorn glacier ride’ to Klein Matterhorn in Zermatt (CH), LEITNER ropeways has created a ropeway  ....
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Lifts under construction and projects

Green Light for new Helmjet in Sesto  (26/05/20 21:48:59)
On behalf of 3 Zinnen Dolomites, LEITNER ropeways is building a modern10-passenger gondola lift for the Winter Season in 2020/21  ....
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Ropeway incidents

Gondola blocked in station of the Disney Skyliner  (07/10/19 22:32:30)
Orlando (USA). An in-station collision on the Epcot line of the Disney Skyliner caused a stop that left people stuck in gondolas for more than two hours Saturday night and led to a partial  ....
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