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  180-FUC Gletscherbahn Kaprun II

General information  
Place Kaprun 
resort Lechnerberg 
Region Salzburg 
Name of lift Gletscherbahn Kaprun II 
Type 180-FUC 
Lift manufacturer Waagner Biro 
Year of construction 1974/94 
Commissioning date 23/03/74 
Date of closing down 11/11/00 
Date of pull down 07 / 2014 

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Summer 1994: General renovation and new wagons
November 11, 2000: In a fire in the tunnel on November 11, 2000, 150 of the 162 passengers died from smoke inhalation. It was the biggest catastrophe that had happened in Austria since World War II. A total of 155 people died, including the train driver and a tourist in return and three people at the mountain station from smoke inhalation. A heater installed for domestic use caused a hydraulic cable to scorch. A spark ignited the leaking hydraulic oil. The driver could not be informed and the windows were very difficult to break through, there was no emergency brake and no cell phone connection in the tunnel.
The railway was closed after the accident.
Summer 2014: Dismantling of the railway. This year the tunnel is only used as a pipe and cable shaft!

geometric data  
Height of valley station 911 m
Height of middle station(s) 1664 m
Height of mountain station 2446 m
Vertical rise 1535 m
Route distance 3899 m
Horizontal length ?? m
Average incline 42,8 %
Largest incline 50 %
Trackwidth drive ?? m
Trackwidth line 0,95 m
Trackwidth return ?? m
Angle of wrap (drive wheel) ?? °
Drive altitude of site ?? m
Maximum capacity 1240 Pers/h
Travel time 8 min
Driving speed line 10 m/s

electrical data  
Electrical control ?? 
Remote control and telemonitoring system ?? 
Power control system ?? 
Number of drive ?? Stk
Drive power (Start) ?? kW
Drive power (Operation) ?? kW
Brake power ?? kW
Continuous brake power ?? kW
Driving station Mountain station 
Drive type electrical 
Traction of drive ?? 
Emergency drive ?? 
Traction of emergency drive ?? 

cabins data  
Grip type ?? 
Cab manufacturer Swoboda 
Cab model ?? 
Seating carpet 
Seat heater no 
Heater yes 
Aircon no 
Persons per cab 180 
Number of cabs 2 Stk
Carriage Operator yes 

rope data  
Rope manufacturer ?? 
Length of haul rope ?? m
Length of counter-rope ?? m
Total weight of haul rope ?? t
Total weight of counter-rope ?? t
Haul rope diameter 48 mm
Counter-rope diameter 29 mm
Nominal strength of haul rope ?? N/mm²
Nominal strength of counter-rope ?? N/mm²
Breaking strength of rope ?? kN
Breaking strength of counter-rope ?? kN
Tensionstation haulrope Valley station 
Tension type rope tension weight 
Tension way ?? m

miscellaneous data  
Transport uphill 100 %
Transport downhill 100 %
Construction costs ?? ATS
Currency (Construction costs) Austrian schilling 
Construction period 30 months
Seasontime winter 
Type of turnout ?? 
Integrated rescue system ?? 
Asset number (Trail map) ?? 

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