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Colombia: New contract for Leitner in Manizales

Urban ropeways have been a tradition in Colombia for years. Especially in

Manizales, a municipality with more than 400,000 inhabitants in the department of

Caldas, two ropeway systems from LEITNER have already been successfully

integrated into the public transport system. Now, this offer is being expanded with a

third ropeway.

LEITNER already built a 10-passenger gondola lift along one of the main roads in Manizales

in Colombia. Due to its success, an extension of this ropeway was carried out in 2013. The

existing ropeway now runs from the bus terminal to the suburb of Villa Maria and has been

operating successfully as an urban transport solution since its opening.

The fact that this form of transport is seen as an ideal complement in an area known for its

topographical difficulties is proven by the continued popularity of this transport system

among the population.

So, it is not surprising that Manizales has now opted for another LEITNER ropeway.

The contract was signed on September 1, 2022 with great public attention.

With a length of 2,300 m and a transport capacity of 2,100 p/h, the new ropeway system,

consisting of 4 stations, will connect the people in the north of the city with the financial and

business district and the city's transport center. From December 2023, this new ropeway

with its 60 cabins will dock with the two existing installations, thus extending the ropeway

network in Manizales to 4,885 meters.

 reporter: Ram-Brand
Category: Lifts under construction and projects
Date: 23/09/22 13:00:47