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Sölden (Austria): Cable car accident kills nine passengers

On Monday 2005-09-05 at about 1 p.m. an accident happened on the glacier Rettenbach, in the area „Innere Schwarze-Schneid-Bahn“.

A helicopter which transported a container filled with concrete lost it during the flight. The container fell on a cabin and due to strong vibrations passengers in two other cabins were catapulted off. At the moment of accident, there were 35 persons in 6 different cars. 3 cars were affected by the fall of the container. 9 persons were killed and other 6 persons were seriousely hurt by this accident! The casualties were taken to the hospitals in Innsbruck and Zams. The nationalities of the casualties are established! Already a few minutes after the accident, the rescue started. 150 persons and 6 helicopters were employed. The rescue campaign finished at 4 p.m..

 reporter: Ram-Brand
Category: Ropeway incidents
Date: 06/09/05 17:37:50