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State of the art 8-person chairlift replaces 3-seater chairlift.

WOW! Super-fast and with great views – just 5 minutes up to SkiWelt’s “top” viewing point with its new panoramic terrace.

After more than 12,000,000 rides and 25,000 hours of operation, time will be called on 31 March 2019 for the 1983-vintage Fleidingbahn lift! SkiWelt Westendorf has another major project in the pipeline: it has invested EUR 15.5 million in the new 8CLD/B Fleidingbahn, complete with magnificent vistas.

The new Fleidingbahn lift will mean new levels of comfort, service and speed: planned is one of the world's most advanced 8-person chairlifts with comfort suspension, seat heating and bubbles for weather protection. At 2,730 people per hour, carrying capacity will be enormously increased and the new routing will offer skiers a longer piste for yet more fun on the slopes.

Once they have arrived at the top – the highest point of SkiWelt – skiers can appreciate a unique panorama from a whole new perspective. The top station will feature a panoramic terrace whose impressive 360° summit views take in the Wilder Kaiser, the Grossglockner and the Zillertal Alps, an invitation to breathe in and relax for a while. The viewing platform is to be integrated into the overall “Alpinorama” concept, with the focus on “relaxing and recuperating in the mountains”; this will be complemented by themed trails, due to open in summer 2019 and 2020, offering various stations along the way for visitors to chill out and consciously draw breath, gaining fresh inspiration from the experience.

What will happen to the 100 seats from the old 3-seater Fleidingbahn lift? Any interested SkiWelt Westendorf fans should quickly contact the operator, Bergbahn Westendorf: once the season closes the seats are to be sold off cheap to bidders.

Facts about the 8 CLD/B Fleidingbahn – the most modern chairlift on the market:

Type:            8-person chairlift with bubble and seat heating

Height/length:         1,539.64 m

Speed:            6.00 m/s

Transit time:        4.82 min

Carrying capacity:    2,730 people/hr

Special feature:        Top station at 1,892 m with panoramic views (open all year round)

Investment:         EUR 15.5 m

Manufacturer:        Doppelmayr

Architect/planner:    AB Seilbahn Planungsbüro – Martin Aschaber

Start of construction:    early 2019

Completion:        beginning of winter season 2019/20

 reporter: Ram-Brand
Categoria: Lifts under construction and projects
Data: 27/07/2019 09:58:23