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LEITNER ropeways makes the standard unique

Customized products are among LEITNER ropeways’ greatest strengths. The company makes sure to offer its customers a wide variety of individual configuration options for its products. Its new advertising campaign, “Customization is part of our standards.”, focuses on that impressive versatility. The campaign topics demonstrate the unique adaptability of the products, which can transform any installation into a statement piece. Thanks to their highly flexible designs, they are perfectly suited to meet any individual requirement: from visual preferences to performance aspects, specific materials and equipment.

Customers of LEITNER ropeways have come to expect customization as a standard service. The company caters to that demand by offering an especially wide range of individually adaptable products. The Premium Chair EVO, the unique Luxury cabin Symphony 10, the Premium cabin Diamond EVO and the various configurations of the LEITNER DirectDrive system all come in countless set-ups. More than 180 configuration options of the Premium Chair EVO alone allow for unbridled freedom of design. They include a choice of various upholstery styles, colors, designs and footrests. The Luxury cabin Symphony 10 and Premium cabins Diamond EVO are just as versatile: individuality is key. Thanks to their modular construction, customers can choose their preferred length, width and height to adapt the cabins to their own needs. And the impressive flexibility of LEITNER products is not limited to chairs and cabins: the DirectDrive system, too, is designed to meet a wide range of individual requirements.

The company’s current campaign, “Customization is part of our standards.”, embodies LEITNER ropeways’ commitment to maximum freedom of design. Recent customer projects have confirmed the popularity of that flexibility and shown how popular it is for planning new systems.

Individual solutions to meet any challenge

The benefits of the great flexibility of design offered by LEITNER ropeways products are especially evident in projects that involve unusual conditions. Take Zermatt as an example: “Operating a 3S gondola lift like the Matterhorn glacier ride on high alpine terrain at an altitude of more than 3,800 meters requires tailor-made solutions and a genuine feat of engineering. When we planned the project, we had three priorities: ensure that the ropeway would meet the highest possible safety standards, that it would be low-maintenance once installed, and that it would be highly energy-efficient. LEITNER’s DirectDrive system and the LeitControl control system met all those requirements. As the operator of the ropeway, we also had high demands in the quality and comfort of the transportation experience. Leaning back in one of the leather seats in a spacious designer cabin and floating towards Klein Matterhorn nearly silently thanks to the 3S system is a unique feeling. If you’re lucky enough to be sitting in one of the Crystal Ride cabins, which are decorated with thousands upon thousands of Swarovski crystals, and watching the ground below through the glass floor, you feel like you’re flying”, Markus Hasler, CEO Zermatt Bergbahnen AG, explained.

The Jennerbahn in Schönau am Königssee in Bavaria was another project involving a sensitive natural environment that required a special configuration. Franz Moderegger, CEO Berchtesgadener Bergbahn AG, said: “The new top station of the 10-passenger gondola lift Jennerbahn in Schönau am Königsee is located at the edge of the Berchtesgaden Alpine National Park. To protect the sensitive natural area of Berchtesgaden and treat it with respect, we needed a reliable ropeway partner that could implement a wide range of individual requirements, rather than just selling standard products. Thanks to the energy-efficient, barrier-free concept, smooth organization and fair conditions offered, the owners of Berchtesgadener Bergbahn AG decided to use LEITNER ropeways products for all new ropeway installations. Every day, our guests are impressed by the stunning, all-round views from the modern panorama cabins and the nearly silent ascent to the summit.”

In Arabba, Italy, the ski resort in the heart of the Dolomites in the Livinallongo Valley/Province of Belluno, they have been relying on the expertise of LEITNER ropeways for years: "Leitner is a reliable and strong partner who spares no effort to approach new challenges as well as courageous and unusual projects. True to the spirit of our company, we are working together to make Arabba the most popular place to ski in the Dolomites, according to our motto "The Place to Ski", explains Diego De Battista, CEO Impianti turistici Boe S.p.a/Funivie Arabba.

 reporter: Ram-Brand
Categoria: Lifts under construction and projects
Data: 06/02/2020 21:10:34