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New 10-passenger gondola lift goes into service in Kopaonik in the winter season 2020/21

The Serbian ski resort of Kopaonik at the border with Kosovo has already relied on LEITNER quality in the past. Following construction of two chairlifts in 2014, the area will soon undergo another significant expansion in the form of a 10-passenger gondola lift. Starting this coming winter, it will provide a direct connection between the tourist resort Brzeće and Mali Karaman in the middle of the Kopaonik mountains. The gondola lift will operate all year-round and will guarantee even easier access to the ski area and offers optimum equipment for every occasion - whether in winter or summer.

Up to now, Brzeće has been connected to the ski area by two 2-seater chairlifts - Bela reka 1 and 2 - which, however, did not provide direct access to Mali Karaman. This gap will be closed from the coming winter by the new 10-passenger gondola lift, which will ensure a fast and comfortable ride to the heart of the area in the future. In parallel with the construction of the system, "Ski Resort of Serbia" is investing in expanding the existing ski slopes. The CD6C Gvozdac chairlift built by LEITNER in 2014 is also right next to the top station. The almost four-kilometre-long GD10 gondola lift at Brzeće can carry up to 2,400 people per hour and overcomes a height difference of 843 metres. It has 110 cabins, one of which has been constructed as a VIP version offering additional, exclusive comfort. Thanks to the LEITNER gondola lift, the necessary increase in capacity will be achieved from the coming winter, at the same time speeding up and improving the quality of transport.

Modern transportation throughout the year
The most modern and at the same time the largest ski resort in Serbia attracts a large number of sports enthusiasts not only in winter but also in summer. Thus, the area is seen as a centre for active recreation and has also established itself as a great destination for bikers. Accordingly, special consideration was given to this type of use when equipping the new gondola lift with transport facilities for bikes. In winter, the installation will become the new heart of the resort, thus enabling optimum distribution of guests in the 55 km of slopes. Around the Mali Karaman centre, which will enjoy much better connections in future, there are a total of 24 ropeways, one leading to the highest peak of the Kopaonik mountains, the 2,017 metre high Pančićev Vrh.

 reporter: Ram-Brand
Categoria: Lifts under construction and projects
Data: 29/09/2020 20:59:06