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Innovations in Italy’s ski resorts by Leitner

In the well-known 3 Zinnen Dolomites ski resort in South Tyrol, they are looking forward with confidence and investing heavily in the future. In the middle of the Dolomites, between Sesto and the Helm ski mountain, LEITNER built the new Helmjetgondola lift, which replacesa 40-year-old aerial tramway. The more than two km long gondola liftovercomes a height difference of 730 m. In the Symphony 10 luxury cabins, the passengers experience a pleasant ride, including loden upholstery. The new ropeway achieves a higher transport capacity, now making long waiting times at the valley station a thing of the past. In Moos near Sesto, the old Bruggerleite platter lift was replaced with a new surfacelift.

In Alta Badia, LEITNER realized the new La Brancia 6-seater chairlift, fitted with safety bars. Furthermore, instead of the old Costoratta 4-seater chairlift, a modern 8-seater chairlift will bein operation, with premium seats and weather protection bubbles, in order to guarantee a safe ride for big and small skiers.

Since recently, LEITNER has also started the construction activities for the “Son dei Prade –Bai de Dones” gondola liftin Cortina d’Ampezzo. This new installation, a gondola lift in two sections, links the Tofane pistes with the Cinque Torri ski resort at the Falazarego Pass and therefore plays an important role in the long term for the tourism development of Cortina, also in view of the Olympic Games in 2026.

Alto Sangro, in the province of L'Aquila in Abruzzo, is the largest ski area in central Italy, with a total of 100 km of slopes and includes the towns of Roccaraso, Rivisondoli and Pescocostanzo. In Roccaraso, at an altitude of 1236 m, LEITNER built the new 10-seatergondola liftPallottieri. Itcontributes to a significant increase in capacity and, above all, will guarantee a safe ride for the many small passengers. The Diamond 10 cabins offer a comfortable ride along the unchanged route and, with 100 kg of additional weight each, they provide even better wind stability.

At the Asiago plateau in the Veneto region, a new 6-seater chairlift by LEITNER, including blue weather protection bubbles, links the Verenetta Hut with Monte Verena. LEITNER also built a surface liftin Veneto, in the town of Palafavera. In the Gsieser Valley in South Tyrol, a new surface lift was also built.

 reporter: Ram-Brand
Categoria: Lifts under construction and projects
Data: 06/12/2020 11:59:15