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Guinness World Record for Cablebus 2 in Mexico City

The recently opened Cablebus 2 LEITNER gondola lift in Mexico City was awarded with the Guinness World Record this week: With its 10.55 kilometers, the ropeway is actually the longest urban ropeway line in the world. Claudia Sheinbaum, the mayor of the city proudly accepted the award and pointed out the importance of this ropeway in her speech. It significantly improves the mobility of the people in this district, enables an easy connection to the subway and helps the residents to achieve more social justice.

For Carlos Tapia Rojas, official juror of Guinness World Records in Mexico, the social impact of the Cablebus 2 is enormous: "This project will surely inspire many people around the world to implement similar projects, solving mobility problems and improving the daily lives of many people."

The new gondola lift was ceremonially put into operation on August 8 and has seven stations, which are also directly connected to subway stations. The project was implemented by LEITNER together with its Mexican partner Alfa Proveedores Contratistas.

 reporter: Ram-Brand
Categoria: Lifts under construction and projects
Data: 04/09/2021 11:19:29

Impianto: Constitución 1917-Quetzalcóatl (Cablebús Línea 2a)