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Garaventa builds Switzerlands first detachable 8-passenger chairlift

Prodkammbahnen Flumserberg AG and Garaventa are going to realize this detachable 8-seater at the Flumserberge for the the winter season 2006/07.

The new hightech detachable is replacing two older installations, a detachable quad and a fixed double chairlift.

Main technical data

Slope length 1722 m
Rise 368 m
Capacity 4000 pph
Speed 5 m/s
Ride time 6,3 min
Carrying rope 56 mm
Number of towers 16
Number of vehicles 104
Running power 758 kW

 reporter: Ram-Brand
Categoria: Lifts under construction and projects
Data: 18/02/2005 22:09:00