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  4-CLF Rusiński Wierch

Valley Station
Valley Station


Mountain Station
Mountain Station

General information  
Place Bukowina Tatrzańska 
resort ?? 
Region Lesser Poland 
Name of lift Rusiński Wierch 
Type 4-CLF 
Lift manufacturer von Roll 
Year of construction 2008 
Commissioning date 02 / 2009 
Second-hand lift. Formerly lift no. 5987 

Infos for handicapped persons
Sorry, no information available.

second-hand Lift from Mijoux (former Rhodos), France

geometric data  
Height of valley station 819 m
Height of mountain station 949 m
Vertical rise 123 m
Route distance 686 m
Horizontal length ?? m
Average incline 18,2 %
Largest incline ?? %
Number of pillars 7 Stk
Greatest spanwidth ?? m
Max ground clearance ?? m
Trackwidth drive ?? m
Trackwidth line ?? m
Trackwidth return ?? m
Angle of wrap (drive wheel) ?? °
Drive altitude of site ?? m
Maximum capacity 2400 Pers/h
Travel time 5,0 min
Driving speed line 2,4 m/s

electrical data  
Electrical control ?? 
Remote control and telemonitoring system ?? 
Power control system ?? 
Number of drive ?? Stk
Drive power (Start) ?? kW
Drive power (Operation) 205 kW
Brake power ?? kW
Continuous brake power ?? kW
Driving station Mountain station 
Drive type ?? 
Traction of drive ?? 
Emergency drive ?? 
Traction of emergency drive ?? 

cabins data  
Grip type ?? 
Cab manufacturer von Roll 
Cab model ?? 
Seating ?? 
Seat heater no 
Persons per cab
Number of cabs 96 Stk
Cab distance ?? m
Cab interval ?? s

rope data  
Rope manufacturer ?? 
Length of haul rope ?? m
Total weight of haul rope ?? t
Haul rope diameter 42 mm
Nominal strength of haul rope ?? N/mm²
Breaking strength of rope ?? kN
Tensionstation haulrope Mountain station 
Tension type hydraulical (controlled) 
Tension way ?? m

miscellaneous data  
Transport uphill 100 %
Transport downhill ?? %
Drive direction left 
Construction costs ?? 
Currency (Construction costs) ?? 
Construction period ?? months
Seasontime ??  
Loading carpet yes 
Evacuation ropeway ?? 
Integrated rescue system ?? 
Asset number (Trail map) ?? 

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Datas: 31/07/22

5058 visit(s) since 07/12/08
Last visit 19/07/24

Lift-ID: 13395
Place-ID: 893