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 Place resort Type Name of lift Country Lift manufacturer Year of construction Project-Status
 Whistler 8-MGD Showcase GondolaCA Doppelmayr ???? unconfirmed
 Whistler 6-CLD Whistler South ExpressCA Doppelmayr ???? officially confirmed
 Whistler 4-CLD Yellow ExpressCA Doppelmayr ???? officially confirmed
 Willingen 6-CLD SonnenbahnDE Doppelmayr ???? unconfirmed
 Zagreb 8-MGD Sljeme - MedvednicaHR ???? ???? unconfirmed
 Zakopane 6/8-CGD Butorowy WierchPL ???? ???? unconfirmed
 Zakopane 4-CLF GoryczkowaPL ???? ???? unconfirmed
  Zangjiajie 8-MGD Tianmenshan 3CN Poma ???? officially confirmed
 Železná Ruda 6-MGD Špičák - HofmankyCZ ???? ???? unconfirmed
 Zlaté hory 4-CLF PříčnáCZ Doppelmayr ???? unconfirmed
  Zuberec 4-CLF JanovkySK ???? ???? unconfirmed

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