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New 6-seater chairlift on the Geisskopf in the Bavarian Forest

To match the year-round versatility of the Geisskopfin the Bavarian Forest, the new ropeway  to  the  1,097-metre-high  leisure  mountain  should  also  be  multifunctional. With their decision to purchase a 6-seater chairlift from LEITNER, after more than 50 years,, the operators are now making an important statement of modernisation and are offering a comfortable connection perfectly tailored to the needs of visitors to the Geisskopf.

The new bottom station with a 90-degree entrance will be located at the foot of the family run and will blend in particularly harmoniously with its surroundings through a sustainable and  attractive  design  using  wood  and  glass.  The  station  houses  the  new  LEITNER DirectDrive -gearless, oil-free and particularly energy-efficient and quiet. In addition there is fully automatic parking of the chairs in the station turnaroundand on a storage rail. The 6-seater  model with  maximum  functionality  has  been  chosen.  Something  of  a  première  are the  many  options  for  using  the  lift  in  winter:  At  the  Geisskopf,  skiers  and  tobogganists together  with  their  sports  equipment  (one  or  two  tobogganists  +  one  to  four  skiers  or snowboarders)  can  be  transported  together  on  one  chair.  In  addition,  a  special  guidance system using LED technology guides guests  through the boarding process. In summer, the facility  offers  the  transport  of  up  to  six  walkers  or  optionally  up to  three  bikers  and  two walkers per chair. Thus the new facility will lead to a noticeable relief and improvement for bikers, who have often had to put up with very long queuing times in order to take advantage of the attractive range of versatile downhillroutes at the Geisskopf. Special brackets on the chairs make it possible to transport two toboggans on each vehicle in winter and three bikes in summer. The sports equipment is attached to the chair in front in each case and it is thus visible  to  the  owners  during  the  entire  ride.  A  new  type  of  device  is  used  to  attach  the mountain bikes to the chairs which allows the bikers themselves to attach the bike to the chair and remove it at the mountain station. This system is being used for the first time on a chairlift in Germany and makes it easier especially for young and the less muscular guests to use it. The toboggan can be removed in one easy step when getting out. The new installation -which replaces a single chairlift built in 1967 and a surface lift built in 1988 -thus becomes an excellent choice for the Geisskopf and, in addition to the functional requirements, also fulfils the desire for fast, safe transport. The installation will be able to transport up to 2,100 people per hour.. Theprevious 14-minute journey will in future only take five minutes -and at the same time the comfortable upholstery, the absence of waiting times and provision of footrests will make for greater relaxation. For the operators, the realisation of the ropewayis far more than just a replacement of old infrastructure. It is expected to create added value for the entire region, which will not only have a positive impact on the development of tourism, but also trigger further investment to make the region even more attractive.

 Reporter: Ram-Brand
Catégorie: Lifts under construction and projects
Date: 19/10/2020 20:21:06